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Interventional Radiology

Welcome to Our Interventional Radiology Department

For image-guided diagnosis and treatment of disease using minimal incision techniques of radiology. Earlier there were only two options for treating patients – medicines or surgeries. Now, a third option has slowly emerged called Interventional Radiology, a pin-hole procedure that combines the non-invasive nature of medicine with the accuracy and precision of surgery to quickly catalyse the active and fast-paced lives of the next generation. In an era of cut-throat competition where the pressure to deliver results in a short time increases the risk of physical and mental damage, Interventional Radiology and the wonders of modern science ensure that you stay focused at your work with unwavering health and confidence. Interventional Radiology can treat major vascular and non-vascular diseases with very minimal interventions. The procedure not only helps in clinician diagnosis but also creates multiple treatments options. Interventional radiology is a medical specialisation that involves performing a range of imaging procedures to obtain images of the inside of the body. The interventional radiologist carefully interprets these images to diagnose injury and disease, and to perform a range of interventional medical procedures. The interventional radiologist uses imaging techniques such as X-rays, MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) scans, fluoroscopy (an X-ray procedure that makes it possible to see internal organs in motion), CT (computed tomography) scans and ultrasounds. Interventional radiologists perform a broad range of procedures such as treating tumours, taking organ biopsies or placing stents by inserting tiny instruments and thin plastic tubes (catheters) into the body via an artery or vein. The images are used to guide the catheters and instruments to the exact area where the procedure or treatment is to be performed. This reduces the need for traditional (open) or keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery as treatment can be given via a small plastic tube about the size of a straw.