Welcome to VIVEKA Hospital

With the legacy of leading surgeons and medical practitioners of Central India, VIVEKA hospitals is committed to deliver world class medical care. Situated in the heart of Nagpur city, close to Subhash Nagar metro station, VIVEKA Hospitals is a one stop destination for the advanced healthcare and medical requirements of the citizens of Nagpur, Central India and across the globe.

Our reputation for strong performance is important in delivering the best care for our patients and high quality clinical services. This is underpinned by a culture of research and innovation, delivered in modern estate and facilitated by technology

Where medicine meets hospitality

At VIVEKA you can be assured that while your loved ones receive professional medical care, they never feel away from home. We specialise in providing highest quality hospitality to our patients as they are our family. Our primary objective is to ensure that no stones are left unturned in meeting our patients’ personal and medical needs.

To be an unparalleled and trusted healthcare partner.
To inculcate the ideology of “Health-First” through efficient utilization of cutting edge technology and medical expertise in providing comprehensive and quality healthcare.

Our Values
At VIVEKA Hospitals, our foremost priority is the care and improvement of human life. To achieve this goal, we strive to deliver the best in quality & cost effective healthcare to the society we serve.

Our Mission revolves around the following :

We shall recognise and affirm that every individual has a unique and intrinsic value.
Compassion and kindness shall always be the foundation of our services.
We shall conduct our business and interaction with patients and their families with utmost integrity, honesty and impartiality.
We shall trust our colleagues as valuable members of our healthcare team and pledge to treat each other with loyalty, respect and dignity.

We will always strive for the constant improvement and development of our services and standards of care, to ensure that we continue to provide the highest level of medical care. To ensure that we stay at the forefront of the healthcare services, we leave no stones unturned.
Our practices include:
Patient feedback forms
Investment in state-of-the-art facilities
Extensive external and internal auditing processes