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VIVEKA HOSPITAL DOCTORS Personalized treatment from an expert team of doctors complemented by exceptional
paramedical staff, diagnostic facilities and state of the art infrastructure.
approach to
quality healthcare
best hospital in Nagpur
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Health care delivered in modern estate facilitated by
cutting edge technology and medical expertise
Culture of research
and innovation
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Innovative technology,
convenient location
and a caring atmosphere
World class healthcare services for cancer, organ transplant, joint replacement,
cosmetology and many more at affordable packages
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Because every minute
is critical
Your Life. Our Passion
24x7 Emergency Care
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For your loved ones even seconds matter. The care at VIVEKA is extended to the patient and their families when the Emergency Medical Service is needed.

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Our team of dedicated doctors is highly qualified and committed to excellence to ensure quality in medical care.

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Go healthy and happy ,We Care for your health. Join The Viveka Super Speciality Hospital and Research Centre Private Ltd. Nagpur. Prevention Health Care call -7447441468


1) Prescription/Requisition by Referring Doctor
2) Aadhaar Card
3) Relative's I.D.

Best Hospital in Nagpur

Where Expertise, Experience and Equipments,
Merge to over Excellence in Healthcare.

Where, Being sick is a Congenial experience.

Directors’ note

As epidemics of common illnesses continue to wreck havoc, healthcare in our country struggles to catch up albeit only in sporadic locations. Coronary artery disease, Obesity, Backaches , Brain haemorrhage, Kidney stones & failure , Prostate Cancer , Arthritis ,Diabetes and Hypertension are burning examples. We came together to raise a facility consummate with competence and finesse to combat these epidemics while matching the best in the world. It is one the best hospital in nagpur and central india.Not surprising then that a Pandemic that descended down to welcome us in the very first quarter was silently and effectively diffused . As they say “ Tough times don’t last, tough people do “. We couldn’t simply let your trust down. As the dark ages recede we look forward to a dawn of health and well being with you. In the oncoming renaissance, we promise to hold “HEALTH FIRST”.

best hospital in nagpur

Logo Essence.

Our commitment to render exemplary clinical services is aptly portrayed through our logo. The distinct logo of Viveka Hospitals is an amalgama on of three crosses and one arrow. Each cross delineates the synthesis of medical profession with clinical excellence and distinc ve patient care. The arrow leading towards Viveka hospitals guides us towards the very path to comprehensive medical care under one roof. The vermilion color gelled with blue symbolises life, energy, healthy well being and trust, faith, loyalty towards our parents.

Medical Facilities

  • 100 bedded super speciality hospital
  • 28 bedded advanced Cardiac, Surgical and Medical Intensive and care units
  • 5 fully equipped Modular Operation Theatres
  • High End flat panel Cath-lab

Medical Facilities

  • Radial Lounge for walk in and walk out angiography procedure
  • Advanced suite for Endoscopy procedures
  • Comprehensive Day care Dialysis Unit

VIVEKA Hospital | Best hospital in Nagpur

With the legacy of leading surgeons and medical practitioners of Central India, best hospital in Nagpur. VIVEKA hospitals is committed to deliver world class medical care. Situated in the heart of Nagpur city, close to Subhash Nagar metro station, VIVEKA Hospitals is a one stop destination for the advanced healthcare and medical requirements of the citizens of Nagpur, Central India and across the globe.

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Patient Testimonials

Doctors and Hospitality staff are very professional . Well-develop infrastructure and clean atmosphere .
Excellent healthcare, ultramodern facilities,best hospital in Nagpur. Well equipped operation theatre. Nice rooms with good view out of windows. Ample natural light.

Ashish Mankar

Highly satisfied and happy with the kind of support received from each and every staff from VIVEKA Hospitals. Special thanks to Dr. Prashant Jagtap. We are forever grateful for your support. Thank you for being so thoughtful.What better than getting the feeling like being at home!!! Highly recommended and thankful !

Rashmi J. Yadav

Thanks to Dr. Sakhare who was the front warrior treating my father. His constant guidance gave him immense strength to fight this pandemic. My father was admitted to Viveka Hospitals while he was tested positive of COVID. His personal experience and feedback for doctors treatment, stay arrangement, dietician councelling, helpers sounded very positive. The team treated and cared like home which made my father’s hospital journey easy and quite comfortable.

Pankaj Phalke