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Surgical specialities in providing an all-inclusive programme for managing all heart-related diseases. Treatment of conditions with heart, thorax (chest), lungs, oesophagus, thymus, etc.

Modern surgery has developed to such an extent that the body of knowledge and technical skills required have led to surgeons specialising in particular areas, usually an anatomical area of the body or occasionally in a particular technique or type of patient.

Cardiothoracic surgery is the specialty involved with the treatment of diseases affecting organs within the thorax (the chest), principally the heart, lungs and oesophagus. Procedures are often lengthy and complex, requiring support from advanced forms of technology during surgery and intensive therapy for the patient after surgery. The major subspecialties of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery are cardiac, thoracic and congenital, each with its own characteristics.
We have surgeons specialised in each of these areas.

  • Cardiac – adult cardiac surgery is dominated by coronary heart disease but in an ageing population, the requirement for valve surgery is rising fast.
  • Coronary artery surgery is probably the most studied operation of all time.
  • Thoracic is concerned with conditions of the lungs, chest wall, oesophagus and diaphragm, and is generally dominated by treatment of malignant disease.
  • Congenital – the most demanding type of cardiothoracic surgery, practised only by a small group of highly talented and specialised surgeons.